SENIOR ISOLATION: Why We Made it Our Mission

You may have seen it in our ABOUT section, besides providing quality home care, we have an even greater mission--- and that is to make an impact on the growing epidemic of social isolation within the senior population.

Why is this our ‘why’? Plainly put, we were shocked at the findings. Senior isolation is a BIG DEAL. According to an article published by AARP in 2017, socially isolated older adults are at greater risk for poor health and death than their well-connected counterparts. Interesting, right?

Even Radha Agrawal, the founder of the Daybreaker movement, addresses senior isolation in her book Belonging:

“One in four Americans report that they have ZERO friends to confide in and discuss important matters with; this number has tripled in the last thirty years, according to a 2006 study published in American Sociological Review.

One in three Americans over the age of sixty-five is socially isolated; for those over the age of eighty-five, the number increases to one in two… The people who worked so hard to create the world we currently live in are being shoved into isolation instead of being celebrated.

Another study found that having weak social ties is as harmful to our health as being an alcoholic and twice as harmful as obesity….Another study found that isolation sets off a cellular chain reaction that increases inflammation and suppresses the body’s autoimmune response to disease. We are sick from loneliness!”

I totally agree with Radha and am happy she has brought awareness to the subject. Her mission is centered around connectedness and the positive effects of belonging and communing.

I knew and had heard of “isolation” in my work as a care professional. But the term was used loosely-usually to describe an old person who’s checked out because he/she has lost independence. I didn’t realize how huge connectedness is linked of our overall well- being, especially as we age.

Understanding the challenges our seniors face accessing quality home care, is why we created a simple and affordable model for Pop In Care. It’s a way for them to feel hopeful by having access to quality care when they need it with no minimums.

On a personal note, I came to know how it feels to be isolated. My personal story has its share of ups and downs. I often would isolate myself thinking it was a good thing (to heal, grow, build, etc.). The truth is, I felt the effects on my own health. I could feel the effects physically and saw it in diagnostic test results. Talk about a wake up call! I’m more aware now. When I fall into a “funk” I do my best to do something that allows me to reconnect to humans. I can only imagine how challenging this would be for an 80 or 90 year old.

It is my hope that by making home care simple and affordable, seniors will be more willing to reach out for caregiving services. Whether it’s assistance with a bath or to prepare a freshly cooked meal, we’re ready to provide them that plus the connectedness they need to live a more fulfilling life.

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